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The aim of Project Tiger is to ensure a viable population of tiger in India for economic, aesthetic, cultural and ecological values and to preserve areas of biological importance as natural heritage.

Scientific name of tiger is Panthera tigris. It can climb on trees also.

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Females are considered to be little smaller than the males. The main achievements of this project are excellent recovery of the habitat and consequent increase in the tiger population in the reserve areas, from a mere in 9 reserves in to in 27 reserves in It has a big and strong body.

Except for the National Parks portion if contained within, normally no relocation of villages is visualised in the buffer area, and forestry operations, NTFP collection and other rights and concessions to the local people are permitted in a regulated manner to complement the initiatives in the core unit.

It is the matter of happiness that because of the Project Tiger campaign, the population of tigers in India is in a comfortable position. The scientific name of South China tiger is P.

Voluntary Village relocation has been done in many reserves, especially from the core, area. The Project tiger was launched in India in as conservation programme for saving the Indian Tiger Population.

Essay on criticism part 2 analysis of financial statements sports subculture essay narrative essay about doctor empowering writers expository sentence starters for essays essays on to kill a mockingbird prejudice in the workplace. At the turn of the century, the estimated tiger population in India was placed at 40, but the first ever all India tiger census in shockingly revealed the existence of only tigers.

Behind declaring Tiger as a national animal, there are two main reasons: It was selected as so also because of its nice names such as king of Jungle and Royal Bengal Tiger. It belongs to the cat family as a largest living member. The length and height of a tiger can be about 8 to 10 feet and 3 to 4 feet respectively.

India and Russia have recently come up with a joint resolution of agreed action to protect tigers.

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However, in the last few decades, the population of tiger in India was decreasing to a extent. Its four teeth two in upper and two in lower jaw are very sharp and strong in order to grab a huge prey to fulfill its heavy food need.

Edit Post Tiger sightings have become quite rare these days in India, reason being the Tiger killings because of its multitude of medicinal or magical properties that is why tiger trade is very profitable. Just because of its best qualities, Indian government has declared it as a national animal.

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List of Tiger Reserves in India Bandhavgarh. Project Tiger Essay Sample. Wildlife protection and crime risk management in the present scenario requires a widely distributed Information Network, using state-of. November 21, Essay project tiger words equals.

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Long Essay on Tiger. Following are the long essay on tiger for the students under words limit ofand words. Students can use any of these tiger essay according to.

Essay The Indian subcontinent boasts of serving as the natural habitat of a large and varied wildlife. 13 Pages; Importance Of National Parks And Sanctuaries the protection of royal tigers in Project Tiger program.

These tiger reserves cover approximately 37, sq-km area of the country. Project Tiger is a wildlife Words; 2 Pages. Here is your essay on project tiger Bhavya Considering the alarming decline of the number of tigers the Indian board of wildlife initiated a project to save the tigers from extinction.

This was named project tiger and several tiger reserves have been established. In there were 9 tiger reserves in the country occupying a total area of. Around 23 tiger reserves (covering an area of 33, sq. km) have been made under the campaign of Project Tiger throughout the country.

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Tiger Essay 5 ( words) Tiger is a wild animal and popularly known as the national animal of India.

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