An argument against voluntary euthanasia in the united states

In explaining her situation, she questioned that if she cannot give consent to her own death, then whose body is it. They are endowed with reason and conscience and should act towards one another in a spirit of brotherhood.

However, consistent with individual liberty, there should be no restriction on the right of an individual to choose voluntary euthanasia, providing that they are well informed, of sound mind etc.

Section 2 of the Suicide Actas originally enacted, provided that it was an offence to "aid, abet, counsel or procure the suicide of another" and that a person who committed this offence was liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding fourteen years.

In response to objections that doctors ought to save and not end life, the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs states that: The difference is not a matter of logical acumen; it is to be explained by reference to the different values of the respective supporters.

The comment concerns a point foreshadowed in the previous paragraph, but it also links with the remark just made, namely, that it is important to show respect for the professional autonomy of any medical personnel asked to lend assistance with dying.

The point can be generalized to cover many more instances involving either the withdrawal or the withholding of life-sustaining medical treatment.


A doctor is allowed by law to end a person's life by a painless means, as long as the patient and their family agree. To deny people the right to euthanasia is to condemn many to a miserable end-of-life existence, contrary to their wishes.

But it has only been in the last hundred years that there have been concerted efforts to make legal provision for voluntary euthanasia. Terri alive was kept alive by assisted feeding of food and water, the same things which keep us all alive [6].

At other times, it is understood, more strictly, as damage that has been wrongfully inflicted. A soldier who jumps on a live hand grenade in order to save his buddies in the foxhole. The liberal Protestants including some Presbyterians and Episcopalians were the most supportive.

However, there is evidence that challenges those assertion. However, there have been several situations where elderly Australians, who were not terminally ill, committed suicide with the aid of Nembutal.

Despite those safeguards, more than people in the Netherlands are euthanized involuntarily every year. Non-voluntary euthanasia is now being justified by appealing to the social duty of citizens and the ethical pillar of beneficence.

All this activity is unrefuted, and no serious efforts are being made to stop any of this activity.

Voluntary Euthanasia

The different voluntary euthanasia regulatory systems in many jurisdictions worldwide seem to require that only terminally ill people are eligible. This is because people who are considering voluntary euthanasia would often be unable or unwilling to jump extraordinary regulatory hurdles to seek a peaceful end-of-life.

Whether behavior is described in terms of acts or omissions a distinction which underpins the alleged difference between active and passive voluntary euthanasia and that between killing a person and letting her dieis often a matter of pragmatics rather than anything of deeper moral importance.

Accordingly, when a dying patient requests assistance with dying in order to avoid unnecessary suffering it is certainly morally permissible for attending medical personnel to provide aid with dying.

To deny people the right to euthanasia is to condemn many to a miserable end-of-life existence, contrary to their wishes.

Active voluntary euthanasia is legal in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. The last argument proceeded from the first formulation of the Categorical Imperative. Sometimes rights are in conflict. There is evidence, therefore, that safeguards are ineffective and that many people who should not be euthanized or receive pas are dying by those means.

Voluntary euthanasia

Simply put, this means that medical staff should not artificially preserve your life under specific circumstances which are determined by you. Should only doctors perform voluntary euthanasia. Some religious groups choose to worship a god that, according to their scriptures, has murdered people indiscriminately.

For example, Washington voters saw Ballot Initiative inCalifornia placed Proposition on the ballot inOregon passed the Death with Dignity Act inand Michigan included Proposal B in their ballot in Now we see at once that a system of nature of which it should be a law to destroy life by means of the very feeling whose special nature it is to impel to the improvement of life would contradict itself, and therefore could not exist as a system of nature; hence that maxim cannot possibly exist as a universal law of nature, and consequently would be wholly inconsistent with the supreme principle of all duty".

Is suicide morally permissible. The technological interventions of modern medicine have had the effect of stretching out the time it takes for many people to die. In Switzerland inthe university hospital in Geneva reduced its already limited palliative care staff to 1. Instead it was intended to prevent suicide.

The reason for claiming only that this is morally permissible rather than morally obligatory will be explained in the following paragraph. In all these jurisdictions, safeguards, criteria, and procedures were put in place to control the practices, to ensure societal oversight, and to prevent euthanasia and pas from being abused or misused 5.

Legalizing euthanasia or assisted suicide: the illusion of safeguards and controls. J. Pereira, MBChB MSc * Author information In the United States, the states of Oregon and Washington legalized pas in and respectively, but euthanasia remains illegal 3.

Arguments For And Against Euthanasia Essay; Although some view euthanasia to be morally wrong, voluntary euthanasia should be legalized in the United States to end the suffering of others, help patients who have the ability to live a longer life, and decrease the cost of health care.

Ethical Arguments For and Against Voluntary. Arguments for and against euthanasia will be presented using published research articles. In the United States, euthanasia is illegal in all states except in the states. Jan 04,  · Voluntary euthanasia is the start of a slippery slope that leads to involuntary euthanasia and the killing of people who are thought undesirable Euthanasia might not be in.

Home Arguments against euthanasia Arguments against euthanasia Please note that we include assisted suicide or "medical aid in dying" when we use the word "euthanasia" in this document. In the United States, while active euthanasia is illegal throughout the U.S., assisted suicide is legal in Oregon, Washington, Vermont, California, one county in New Mexico, and is de facto legal in Montana.

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An argument against voluntary euthanasia in the united states
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